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A multi-component identifier for digital media assets.

An ISCC-CODE can be generated from the concatenation of the digests of the following five ISCC-UNITs together with a single common header:

  • Meta-Code - Encodes metadata similarity
  • Semantic-Code - Encodes semantic content similarity (to be developed)
  • Content-Code - Encodes syntactic/perceptual similarity
  • Data-Code - Encodes raw bitstream similarity
  • Instance-Code - Data checksum

The following sequences of ISCC-UNITs are possible:

  • Data, Instance
  • Content, Data, Instance
  • Semantic, Data, Instance
  • Content, Semantic, Data, Instance
  • Meta, Data, Instance
  • Meta, Content, Data, Instance
  • Meta, Semantic, Data, Instance
  • Meta, Semantic, Content, Data, Instance

gen_iscc_code_v0(codes) #

Combine multiple ISCC-UNITS to an ISCC-CODE with a common header using algorithm v0.


Name Type Description Default
codes Sequence[str]

A valid sequence of singluar ISCC-UNITS.



Type Description

An ISCC object with ISCC-CODE

Source code in iscc_core\
def gen_iscc_code_v0(codes):
    # type: (Sequence[str]) -> dict
    Combine multiple ISCC-UNITS to an ISCC-CODE with a common header using
    algorithm v0.

    :param Sequence[str] codes: A valid sequence of singluar ISCC-UNITS.
    :return: An ISCC object with ISCC-CODE
    :rtype: dict

    codes = [ic.iscc_clean(code) for code in codes]

    # Check basic constraints
    if len(codes) < 2:
        raise ValueError("Minimum two ISCC units required to generate valid ISCC-CODE")
    for code in codes:
        if len(code) < 16:
            raise ValueError(f"Cannot build ISCC-CODE from units shorter than 64-bits: {code}")

    # Decode units and sort by MainType
    decoded = sorted(
        [ic.decode_header(ic.decode_base32(code)) for code in codes], key=itemgetter(0)
    main_types = tuple(d[0] for d in decoded)
    if main_types[-2:] != (ic.MT.DATA, ic.MT.INSTANCE):
        raise ValueError(f"ISCC-CODE requires at least MT.DATA and MT.INSTANCE units.")

    # Determine SubType (generic mediatype)
    sub_types = [t[1] for t in decoded if t[0] in {ic.MT.SEMANTIC, ic.MT.CONTENT}]
    if len(set(sub_types)) > 1:
        raise ValueError(f"Semantic-Code and Content-Code must be of same SubType")
    st = sub_types.pop() if sub_types else ic.ST_ISCC.SUM if len(codes) == 2 else ic.ST_ISCC.NONE

    # Encode unit combination
    encoded_length = ic.encode_units(main_types[:-2])

    # Collect and truncate unit digests to 64-bit
    digest = b"".join([t[-1][:8] for t in decoded])
    header = ic.encode_header(ic.MT.ISCC, st, ic.VS.V0, encoded_length)

    code = ic.encode_base32(header + digest)
    iscc = "ISCC:" + code
    return dict(iscc=iscc)